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Guide to Disneyland, California

Located in Anaheim, California, Disneyland Resort consists of two theme parks, three hotels, Downtown Disney District, and other hotels and resorts around the area. Downtown Disney District, Disneyland Park and Disney's California Adventure Park serve as gateways to magical fun and entertainment. Each Park includes hundreds of attractions that offer visitors a glimpse into the imagination of Walt Disney as well as an overview of the vast resources that California has to offer. Disney's Paradise Pier, Disneyland, and Grand Californian hotels offer visitors another unique opportunity to gain the full "Disney Experience".


When Disneyland opened July 15, 1955, it consisted of only the main theme park. Within the theme park were five sections or "lands," a concept that had never been done before. Main Street, U.S.A, Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland all served as fresh ways for Disney to encourage visitors to broaden their knowledge and imaginations. Critter Country, Micky's Toontown, and New Orleans Square were added on over time to make the eight "lands" that exist in Disneyland currently. With more than 100 attractions, shows, and entertainment options in both parks combined, Disneyland Resort presents a variety of amusement activities for people of all ages. Popular attractions in Disneyland Park are listed below divided by "land."

Disney's California Adventure

Disney's California Adventure opened in 2001 and is the smaller theme park in the Disneyland Resort. The park consists of five prominent areas, with many subdivisions within the "lands," making the park a little more difficult to categorize in terms of distinguishing themes. Overall, the park highlights the beauty and rich culture of California while reflecting the magical elements of Disney and his famous characters. Sunshine Plaza, Golden State, and Paradise Pier all represent different regions of the large state. Sunshine Plaza serves as the entrance to the theme park. Golden State focuses on the Northern California and Mojave Desert regions and Paradise Pier focuses on the coastland with sort of a "boardwalk" feel. Hollywood Pictures Backlot and a bug's land focus on honoring other aspects of the Disney franchise such as The Muppets and famous characters by Pixar. Popular attractions in Disney's California Adventure are listed below divided by "land."

"Disney Experience"

To enjoy the fun of Disney to the fullest, Disney experts have added a personal touch to aid visitors in obtaining the complete Disney experience (attractions, entertainment, dinning, and shopping) in six different ways: Fairy Tale Fantasy, The Call of Adventure, Little Ones, Families with Kids, Families with Teens, and 1955 Experience. Fairy Tale Fantasy Experience highlights events such Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough and Pinocchio's Daring Journey. The Call of Adventure explores The Jungle Cruise and "The Magic Brother Bear Show." The "Little Ones" (five years and under) in the family get to experience Chip 'n Dale Treehouse and Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage! Families with kids can enjoy entertainment at the Rainforest Cafe and the World of Disney. Families with Teens take can take advantage of ESPN sport's arena and The House of Blues. For a nostalgic and timeless look at how Disneyland has evolved, the 1955 experience allows guests to capture the fifty-plus year essence of Disney with sights such as Penny Arcade and the Refreshment Corner.


In order to take advantage of everything that Disney has to offer, Disneyland Resort includes three hotels as well as multiple other "good neighbor" hotels. The main hotels -- Disney's Paradise Pier, Disneyland, and Grand Californian -- all are located in close proximity to both theme parks as well as the Downtown Disney District. All three hotels also ensure family fun and each hotel has its own unique theme. Disney's Paradise Pier is located close to Disney's California Adventure themepark. Though further from the main themepark and the Disney Downtown District, Paradise Pier offers guests a welcoming sunny boardwalk theme. Mouseplanet offers a helpful Paradise Pier Hotel Photo Tour. Located next to the Downtown Disney District, the Disneyland Hotel offers guests with a more traditional and nostalgic Disney experience. To further enhance its theme, the Disneyland hotel will remain open while going through a series of renovations scheduled to finish in 2012. The Grand Californian Hotel, centrally located, offers visitors a luxurious experience. Visitors staying in the cozy and rustic space get privilege of utilizing an exclusive entrance to the California Adventure themepark. Mouseplanet offers an insider's guide to the Grand Californian. For more information on other hotels in the Disneyland Resort, visit the "good neighbor" page on the official web site.

Other Resources

Before booking your reservations, consider these tools for more information on Disneyland, California, and the city of Anaheim. The official web site for Disneyland offers a vast array of information from scheduling, maps, reservations, promotions, and the latest Disneyland news updated daily. This day in Disney History contains fun trivia about everything Disney. MousePlanet offers an extensive guide to Disneyland from an insider's perspective. Just Disney and the City of Anaheim web sites give more information on the history of Disneyland and Anaheim, California, respectively. Check out this article for info on Disneyland's Florida-based sister park, Walt Disney World, and remember to visit before booking your trip for flight information, travel guides and tips, and much more!

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